14th of March

8 Essential Things to Consider In Your Billboard Design

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You may have thought that billboards are out of use nowadays since it is the age of social media and digital marketing. However, that isn’t quite the case. Billboards remain one of the most popular and effective marketing tools. Of the £ 3.7 billion spent on outdoor advertising, about 63% is allocated to billboards. A study also found that 48% of display panels within sight of a driver are read by them. So here are some essential factors to consider when designing your billboard.

  1. Budget

Most people share the misconception that billboards are an expensive investment – with little possibility of profitable returns. Business owners avoid billboards as they believe they’re costly. However that is not the case. Traditional billboards are still effective and affordable as you don’t have to share time slots with other brands unlike in digital billboards. Hence traditional billboards can sit longer such as for several months even. Some other factors that affect the cost of the advertising billboard are location, size, lighting, visibility, competition etc.

  • Location

The visibility of your billboard is the most important factor to consider. You cannot expect sales if your billboard is hidden away from plain sight. It should be prominent enough to grab the attention of readers. Here are some things to consider when evaluating visibility. Make sure that it faces directly at the people driving by and is clearly visible to moving traffic. Make sure it is at a height that promotes maximum readability. Interference should also be a major concern when placing your billboard. Make sure that no kind of bushes, buildings, telephone wires, trees or shrubs interfere. Get a clear idea of ​​the sort of people your billboard will entertain, go to the Traffic Department and study interactive maps and traffic profiles to get an approximate count of traffic. Understanding your target audience should be the first step in any marketing strategy as they will be the people that bring you income. Display billboards where most of your target audience moves in.

  • Scale

Scale should be your main concern. Your display panel should be clear, visible, and legible even from a distance so that maximum impact is made. Considering the scale, if the billboard will be displayed on highways or so, have the design in huge letter so that drivers who are going at high speeds can also quickly notice what’s written from afar. Bigger the billboard, better the quality it should be so ensure the structure is laser cut and strong and great for many materials.

  • Colors and graphics

Colors and graphics are what will capture the eye of the audience. Go full-on, be bold and use high impact colors that are prominent and remarkably visible. Color is of the utmost importance. When it comes to images, one big image will suffice as too many will confuse the reader from your company’s message. You don’t want that.

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