6th of November

Call the ‘Cool’ Company for Faultless Fixing

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When a technical fault occurs in an electronic appliance or an electronic system, a common advice would be that you let the professionals handle it. In a commercial setting like a school or a university or any other public place where many people gather, it is important to keep such malfunctioning equipment far away, out of reach of anyone, and also have them fixed and repaired as soon as you can. Leaving a broken equipment can be hazardous to the environment. But what can be more of a problem is when these essential appliances are temporarily out of use, and there is no replacement! Having your aircon and refrigerators running well, whenever it’s needed, is important, especially in a commercial setting. Therefore, always make sure the faults and errors are attended to immediately in order to avoid any inconvenience.

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Our Company, and Our People.

Stuartek is a place where the experts are. We are a company who attend to all your refrigerator and air conditioner repairs and servicing needs. Our teams of professional mechanics are known for having magic at their fingertips, which is what makes all kinds of fixing and finishing possible. They are a highly committed bunch who look into all your needs with a sharp eye, which makes identification and detection a simple matter for them. Each of our team members is highly qualified, and have ample experience handling all kinds of appliances, old and new, and therefore, providing quick and efficient services is an amazing forte they have. When there is an emergency, they know how crucial it is to get things back to normal, and so they make personal efforts to satisfy their clients and see that their folks are out of danger. To know more about us, or to reach out to us, visit https://www.stuartek.com.au/ now!


Commercial fridges are our specialty. Whether you are a medical laboratory, a school, or a restaurant, our folks know how to handle your refrigerator and fix its problems by waving their wands around. No matter how complex and sophisticated its design, there is nothing that our professionals do not have answers for. All they need to take is one good glance to know what fault is and where it lies. So, if you have a problem ‘cooling’ things down, talk to one of us and we will make things right.

Air Conditioners

Having a poorly functioning aircon, or one that doesn’t function at all, at a public place isn’t going to be a pleasant experience. If the weather isn’t being nice, it could get a lot worse. Air conditioning is important to maintain freshness, ease, fitness, and productivity in a working environment. Without one, people could go berserk in the heat and the humidity! At Stuartek, we take care of your aircon issues. Contact our team for assistance on maintenance, and they will be right there to work on your appliance with their finicky fingers.

Electronic equipment requires superior levels of expertise when it comes to identifying the real defect and getting them fixed. Thus, you’d always make sure you hand it to the right folks.

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