12th of February

Tips for Making Your Home Safer

Home safety is something that everyone should pay strict attention to. Sometimes, being proactive about your family’s security can be the difference between life and death. You might think this does not apply to you, living in a nice, ‘safe’ neighbourhood, but we’re here to tell you that you’re mistaken. According to stats from just last month, while overall safety is considered high, the rate of Brisbane property crimes such as vandalism and theft is still rated as ‘moderate’. Meaning the danger hasn’t yet been adequately mitigated.

Besides locking our doors and windows and not answering unannounced doorbell rings in the middle of the night, what more can we do? As it turns out, quite a lot:

Replace or Fortify Your Front Door

Sometimes all that stands between you and a dangerous vandal is your own front door. That’s why it’s important that it’s not an easy barrier to overcome. Hence, if you don’t already have one, we recommend that you get either thick hardwood or steel door. Furthermore, you can fortify the front door by installing products such as a deadbolt lock or a reinforced door frame.

Get a Safe

If you have any valuable items such as jewellery or important documents, do the smart thing and purchase a safe. Don’t delay! Get on your computer right now and browse the best home safes Brisbane has to offer. You’ll never have to worry about precious items going missing anymore with this level of smart home security.

Always Make Your Home Look Occupied

Burglars are much more likely to break into your home if it seems unoccupied, hence the logical thing to do is make it seem like someone’s always at home even when no one is. You could do this by, for instance getting automatic light timers which switch on your lights at a specified time. These could be particularly useful if no one is typically home until late at night. 

Don’t Announce Your Vacations

Burglars may not always be impulsive criminals who randomly select their targets. Instead, sometimes, they may plan ahead, even going as far as to keep an eye on your social media pages. Hence, if you have an upcoming vacation planned, try not to announce it on sites like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Because of how intrusive social media has become lately in terms of data collection, it is now very easy for even complete strangers to find out that you’re going on vacation, especially if you use hashtags to make the announcement.

Perform Surveillance on Your Neighbourhood

Always pay attention to what is going on in your local area. Look out for any suspicious new developments like strangers going in and out of the neighbourhood without any apparent purpose. If you receive news of vandalism in other suburbs that are close to yours, you could perhaps get together with a few other neighbours and organize a watch or a patrol.

If you want to keep you and family safe, it’s time to think about what you can do to increase the safety of your house. While you may not be able to do everything listed in this article, we urge you to do as much as you can.

19th of January

5 Reasons For Choosing LED Lights For Your Home

If you’re looking to do some renovations on your house, something you might hear quite often from friends and family, as well as experts in the lighting industry, is that you should consider LED lights as an alternate to the more traditional ones.  If you’re reading this article then you probably want to know what all this fuss is about. Hence, let’s dive in and take a look out why LED lights are such a popular choice these days:

Less Power and Energy Consumption

You might dread receiving the power bill every month or perhaps you’re the type of person who is very concerned about saving energy. Either way, installing LED lights can give you more peace of mind than any other alternative on the market. When compared to lighting options such as incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, LED lighting is by far the most efficient. Take incandescent bulbs for example. They operate at an efficiency of around 20% at most, meaning that from the total energy it receives, only 1/10th of it is converted to light. In contrast, LED lights have an efficiency of around 80%.

This, coupled with the fact that LED bulbs operate at relatively low voltages, means that you can expect a tremendous amount of savings in terms of monthly utility cost while also limiting the negative impact on the environment.

Less Heat Emission

Because of its incredible efficiency, LED lights produce very little waste in terms of heat energy. Therefore, rooms with LED lights installed will have the benefit of being cooler than those with traditional bulbs.  This can be especially useful if you live in a warm country and don’t want to spend a lot of money on air conditioning.

If you want to experience the difference firsthand before you commit to replacing all of your lights, why not browse some LED lamps online and order one for yourself? Compare it with a traditional lamp to see which one seems to produce more heat.

Less Negative Impact on the Environment

With global warming becoming more and more of a sincere threat, we can all do our part for the environment by reducing our individual carbon footprints.  By opting for LED lighting, we can contribute to this purpose significantly because in addition to the greatly-reduced heat emission, these light bulbs do not release any toxic chemicals and are recyclable.

High Durability

LED bulbs are very well-known for their durability. Because they are made out of tough, resistant materials, these bulbs can withstand extremes of temperature and weather conditions, as well as shocks and vibrations. Owing to this, LED lights can last well upwards of 8 years with ease.

Also, while persistent switching of traditional bulbs on and off contributes to lessening their lifespan, this is not the case with LED lights. Hence, while the former requires less of an investment to install, the latter can save you a lot of money in the long-run when you factor in maintenance costs.

High Design Flexibility

Because LED components are physically very malleable, they can be moulded into a variety of shapes to match any aesthetic your house may have. In addition, it is possible to have light bulbs manufactured in a wide variety of colours to match different ‘moods’.

Considering all of the advantages that LED lights have, it is no surprise that people frequently choose them over the traditional alternatives.

12th of August

Decor Ideas for Bedrooms That Make a Difference

Have you ever thought about how you can completely redefine and transform a space to achieve the complete potential that it has? For the most part it has to do with the decor in that space. The right decor can really make a world of difference irrespective of the natural setting and feel of the room. This is one of the key components that interior designers work with to make sure that the final result is something that really creates an impact. If you are thinking about how you can redefine your living or even working spaces, here are some great tips that will help you achieve just that.

Unique Furnishing That Has a Backstory

One of the few things that can really make space stand out is the furnishing that you use in a space. For example, if it’s your bedroom and you use hand made side tables instead of the ordinary ones what kind of effect would that make? When you get custom designed furniture it comes with a backstory. Maybe this is your way of helping the local community by investing in the skills that they have to offer or it could simply be that you have a unique taste that you wish to showcase. Either way it makes the setting immediately that much more interesting and it takes that space to a whole new level of creativity that it would not have had otherwise.

Combining the Natural with the Man-Made

Another great way that has actually been put to use more and more in the recent past is obstructing architecture through nature. Confused? So basically what would happen is if a tree is in the way of your wall, you would cut down the tree right? Now think about this in the exact opposite sense. What would happen if you shaped the wall or interrupted the wall, to adjust around the tree? You are now interrupting your architecture through nature and the only difference here is that nature has a way of making anything and everything immediately beautiful. This way of incorporating nature into architecture is something that is really timely and has to be appreciated in today’s days and age when climate change is creating a lot of negative impacts on every single living organism on the planet. The bottom line here is that nature is never in your way; rather nature is decor that you should know how to use intelligently.

Choosing Modern Over Traditional

Another creative idea on decor that has really changed the way people look at spaces has been made through investing modern furnishings rather than those that are traditional. Most of the time these are DIY furnishings or even ones that are made out of recycled material. What they lack in terms of shiny surfaces and finesse in the sophisticated sense, they more than make up for with their rustic simplicity and abstract edginess that is something very unique and also appealing about them.

15th of July

A few pointers when renovating your house

Your house is a very important sanctuary of your existence. It’s a place that you come back to after a long day at work to relax. The more comfortable your house is the more you can relax when you get home. For this purpose, many people end up renovating their house over time. Making your house look more beautiful is also a good reason for renovating your house. To get about is successfully you are going to need a sound plan. If you don’t have a renovation plan the whole thing is going to end up in a mess and you might End up doing more harm than good to the structural integrity of the house. So the best thing would be to first hire someone like an architect or interior designer to take a look at your house and come up with a design with their help.

When you are on the lookout for an architect make sure that you do some research into your potential candidates and choose wisely. When devising a plan, it’s always best to break it done into smaller parts. Similarly, with this too you should plan it out room by room what type of renovations you want to install. It is also important that you budget everything properly. Renovation plans generally end up costing you a lot of money so you should try to plan ahead and remain within a budget.

This also means that you should properly do some research into everything that you buy and every person that you hire. When it comes to materials you will sometimes be able to buy the same materials at a lower cost at a different store than the one you are used to. Of course make sure that you buy from a trustworthy place as you do not want to end up with faulty materials. When it comes to people that you hire for an example if you want to hire a residential painting service you are going to check and see how long they have been in the trade, if they are insured, if they have qualified personnel working under them etc.

You can’t simply pick someone from a Google search and go ahead with them.On that same note color can affect your house in more ways that you can think so very selective with your choice of color. With a proper color and few mirrors,you can even make a small room look bigger than it actually is. Putting in bigger windows is also a good idea if you want to get more light onto the house. All in all, plan as much as possible prior to starting.

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