25th of February

Four parts of you house that should be deep-cleaned this spring

Spring is the perfect time of the year to undertake the highly important and much needed project of cleaning your household, and by household we mean everything! Not just the kitchen counter top, the frequently used furniture items and the front porch floor that are kept clean all year long, but everything! Certain sections of your household can go unnoticed all year, mostly because you don’t use them too often. However, if left unattended for too long, first and grime can get accumulated in these places and become permanent damage that is very difficult to get rid of. In this article, we will look into a few such parts of the homestead that you should focus your cleaning efforts on this spring.


Surely you must dust off the window surfaces with a brush or a cloth once every two weeks or so all through the year, and that’s great. However, the glass panes kg these structures, which play a huge role in improving your property’s curb appeal and filtering natural light into the interior must be cleansed on both sides with a proper glass cleaning liquid and a sponge on a gloomy day. Why gloomy? Because this way it gets easier for you to see those tiny slots on the glass surfaces, while the solution will remain without drying up until you’re done with job.


These materials line a considerable aware footage of a home, and most areas are exposed to a relatively high level of foot traffic throughout the year and must ideally be cleansed once every 4 months or so to them looking great. However, those low traffic areas that can easily go unnoticed do not really require any constant attention. Contract a cheap steam cleaner Dandenongservice provider to come and give those parts of your carpet some thorough cleaning at least once a year, to get it in shape to survive the coming 365 days.

The dishwasher

Thisis an appliance that is used almost every day and deserves a proper cleansing to scrub off all those stains and chunks of age-old food and filth that gets accumulated inside the machine. You can start by removing all the surface level foul matter with a brush and then working your way to the more permanent stains with a specialized cleansing liquid.

The closet

Reorganizing the closet is the pinnacle of spring cleaning! While there won’t be a whole lot of dust or dirt inside the closet, it can certainly get really messy after a whole year of usage and you must use this spring opportunity to go through all of its contents and get rid of all the stuff that you don’t really need. Throw away the things that are not good for anything any more and donate any usable clothes to someone in need to gain more than just a net closet from the effort.

20th of February

Thinking of getting your own place? Here are some thing that won’t hurt to know..

What are the general amenities offered in a serviced apartment?

Though we cannot expect the character and fell of a family home, an apartment will serve the purpose if styled and decorated accordingly. High-speed wireless broadband internet, a must for any living space. Then there is Cable TV with a selection of world news, entertainment and kids-shows are available to be able to relate to individual travellers as well as families with kids with a DVD player, Flat screen LCD TV and centralized air conditioning, heating system and hot water.

Basic Kitchen appliances such as coffee maker, toaster, microwave and oven in addition to basic home appliances such as dish washer, Washing machine and dryer are also included in the offer and for short termed stays even the cooking and dining utensils as well as cutlery and dinnerware and Towels/ bedlinen are available for the convenience of the occupant.

What are the accepted payment methods for serviced apartments?

All commonly accepted payment methods including Cash, bank cheques, personal cheques, bank transfers, debit and credit cards are validated for renting out apartments. Apartment for rent Singapore short termalso accepts payments via emerging payment portals such asFlywire and DBS Paynow for the convenience of the lessee.

What is the general policy with regard to utilities in a serviced apartment?

Though each lessor has the prerogative to maintain the policy on utilities, the norm is for there to be a cap on utility bills which will be absorbed in to the monthly rent and any bill beyond the agreed upon cap will be reimbursed by the lessee. Most often water and electricity are the bills covered under the said agreement but according to the spread of the utilities that the occupant uses, telephone,maintenance and Wi-Fi connecting bill can be included. In a shared apartment the utilities are pro-rated and split among the occupants.

What is inclusive of the general housekeeping services included in the lease agreement?

This is usually a weekly arrangement and you can discuss a time and day that is agreeable for you with your land lord who will liaise with the cleaning services on your behalf. Unless you have any specific requirement, here is what is included in a general housekeeping service session.

Sweeping and moping of all rooms in the house.

Changing of bed linen and towels.

Cleaning the kitchen and clearing out the garbage.

20th of February

Methods On How To Make Your Wooden Table Look Fresh

Wood gives a beautiful finish on your coffee table. This is the reason why it has become the favorite in the suites and lounge room. But even if it looks beautiful, there are downsides of using a natural material. Wood can be damaged easily especially if it is subject to changing temperature, moisture, and light. Wood can scratch and stain immediately. However, this must not stop you from having awesome furniture inside your room. Yes, it is easy to damage, but it also hassle-free to make it right again. Thus, here are some of the tricks and tips on how to take care of your wooden table and make it look fresh once again:

Dust the Table

Dusting is often times neglected inside the home. In the long run, dust that accumulated in the solid wood bench can create scratches which can dull the gleam of the table. With this in mind, it is important to dust the table regularly. Do this with a lint-free cloth.

Wipe the Table

If your wooden table starts to look old and abused, you can make it look fresh again in an instant. Try a simple wiping or washing regime for this problem. You don’t have to use chemicals in this method. Just fill a container with warm water and soap. You can also use vinegar. Then, mix the solution and wet a cloth. Thereafter, wipe the table. Be sure that you wipe the tricky areas like the intricate designs and the edges. With this, you can capture the dust and dirt. Rinse the cloth and wipe the table once again. Then, wipe the table with a dry cloth so you can remove any residue and moisture.

Put Some Wax On It

Wood features a natural and refreshing gloss. However, the gloss can dull over time. Then, the wooden table will start to look old. As such, it is best to polish the table twice each year. You can buy a table polish in the market. But you can also try the home remedies that do not contain any chemicals and are effective. For example, you can apply the carnauba wax. Just wipe the wax on a piece of cloth and polish it on the table. On the other hand, you can mix lemon juice with olive oil. Dab it on a lint-free cloth and rub on the table.

Use Nuts to Solve the Scratches

Wood can have scratches and dents. But this does not mean you have to bubble wrap it. The solution here is the fresh walnuts. Crack the nut and rub the meat on the scratches. Then, clean the area with a cloth. Do this until the scratches disappear all over the wood.

14th of February

Tips to Brighten Up Your Home

Everyone prefers a bright colorful house to relax after a tiring day or even a well spent weekend. But not all knows how to create one and most homes tends to get messier after a while. That’s alright because at the end of the day all humans make err. These few tips can help you in re creating that colorful and bright look you always dreamt of.

Furniture and floor

Re check what furniture you really need in the house and try to lessen the amount of unnecessary furniture filling up the spaces that you can utilize to light up the place. You can always have a garage sale to make few bucks as well. You can also use light colored furniture to give that vivid look.  Use of bright colored rugs can make it comfortable on the feet and give it a homelier and more radiant look. You can check up with rug Singapore to get a wide variety of choices and choose the best for the different parts of the house.

Clean and Organize

Sometimes we get a duller look to the house with the less maintenance it gets. Identify what parts need a thorough clean up to bring back the shining look. Proper organization of things at home can make it look more spacious and thus give more space to fit in decorative bulbs or even plants that will not only brighten but add fragrance to your living space.

Wall Colors and Bulbs

Most integral part that makes the house make the best out of the sunshine is also the color applied in the walls. Nowadays most architect’s advice clients to use bright colors which can be from the choice of pastel colors to give the glimmering look to a house making it look elegant at every moment. Bright colors also help absorb the sunshine and give it a more profound look in the day time. Use of white bulb fixtures for LED bulbs will give the same classy look even in the night time. These two things can certainly transform a home into a bubbly place.

Re Decorate

You can choose simple plants, mirrors and wall hangers to make it more of a relaxing environment. There are plenty of wall hanger options you can choose such as a dream catcher, wall painting or even a collection of nice family photographs. It’s a definite happiness bringing moment if you use family photos since you will always be elated when you see them which can brighten up your day irrespective of the home. Mirrors are also a good choice to light up a place since it diverts the natural light and give a glow to the house.

These are simple steps you can follow during your free times to give a brighter look your living space and truly relax your time at home making the best out of your efforts of lighting it up.

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