25th of February

Common Problems of Old Houses and How to Fix Them

People buy old houses for different reasons. First it is way cheaper than brand new structures, second is that most old properties have bigger lot areas and third is that most old houses are more appealing than the latest models maybe because of its rich history. But of course aside from its advantages, old houses also come with a number of downsides.

So in this article we have prepared a list of the most common problems and how to Learn more about how to fix them .

Plumbing issues

As the house ages then its also normal for it to have plumbing problems due to over usage or poor maintenance. So before deciding to but the property check out if there are any underlying issues such as poor drainage, water output from the faucet, does the pipes have leaks or cracks at all? You have to think about the possible problems that you might encounter before deciding to purchase the property. Because plumbing repairs can cause you a lot of money than what you normally expect.

Weak structure

If an old house has not undergone proper maintenance then there is a big possibility the the structure or foundation may weaken overtime. In reality, houses with poor foundation poses as a safety hazard because it can be at risk of collapsing in the event of a strong earthquake or hurricanes. You should learn more about the real condition of the property and assess on how much you will actually be spending just on repairs and renovations alone. If you think that it is not worth the investment then put a halt on the deal and try looking for other properties.

Electric wiring

Old and exposed electrical wiring can cause accidents and fires. Most homeowners fail to pay attention to this particular problem because most of the wires are hidden beneath the walls or ceilings. One of the main case of exposed wires are rodents so if there are rats around the property then you need to probably have the wiring’s checked by a professional electrician. Aside from that old electrical systems usually has lower voltage capacity because people used a lot less electricity 20-30 years ago as compared to present time.

However if you have set your sights into acquiring an old property as your soon to be home it is better to also set or manage your expectations to avoid disappointments in the future. You also would need to spend more money for repairs and major renovations which is quite acceptable at this point in time.

24th of February

Common refrigerator repair problems

You wake up one morning and head downstairs to make yourself a cup of coffee with some cream. You make your coffee and head to the refrigerator to grab the cream. The refrigerator is not working and then turns out that the cream has gone bad because the refrigerator does not work.

Refrigerator is one of the critical appliances in the house and if we narrow it down, in the kitchen. Whenever your refrigerator does not work, there are a lot of problems for the food. This means that the food that you consumed and eaten half way through will definitely will go definitely go into the trash and you will need to purchase more food once you get the refrigerator has been fixed.

There are a few common problems, which each household will come across and these can be solved by Stuartek. However, if you want to give it a try, just read through:

  • The temperature – If you feel like that the temperature of the refrigerator is not cold enough this means that the defrost thermostat should be replaced immediately because the contacts might be frosted over. You need to fist unplug the fridge and then try and clean the condenser coils with a vacuum or brush. If this does not work you can always call the expert.
  • The icemaker is not working – There is a motor module for the icemaker, which will need replacement. Another aspect that might be causing this problem might be the water inlet valve being clogged. You will need to also check if there are any tears on the valve too. Make sure you turn off the water supply for the valve before inspecting it. Another thing that you can look at is to see if there is any dirt on the filter or screen. What many people do not know is that heat is actually used to make ice cubes. If you do not know your filter from your valve, then you better call an expert.
  • Refrigerator is dead – This could be caused by the electronic control board being damaged where the open circuits might need to be replaced.
  • Refrigerator is making weird noises – Well, this means that you need to replace the electronic control board again.
  • NO water and ice being dispensed – The first question that must be asked is “Are the filters being changed regularly?” Well if not, here is what has gone wrong. All the dirt and contaminants that get collected in the water filter get stuck there. Thus, the filter needs to be cleaned or replaced often. The latest refrigerators actually have a sensor that informs you when the sensor should be changed.

There you have it, the common problems of refrigerators!

23rd of February

Tips to help you design your home the right way

Once you’ve decided on making one of the greatest investments of your life after education and marriage, you ought to start making plans on the best ways through which you could make it worthy. Deciding to purchase and build your own home is certainly one of the greatest investments one could make. Therefore, making sure that the process goes smooth is given. So here are some tips you could use as a base to design your home and make that investment worthy!

Simplicity is key

There might be numerous ideas running through your head once you start making plans on how to build your home. You might want to include so many things in to it. But you need to take a step back and understand where you stand financially and practically when it comes to making all those plans a reality. If you have always wanted to have French MCG Windows but have no real space to open it as it is meant to, then investing on it and making plans is only going to be pointless. So think simple and start your project.

Consider the future

Even though it is only going to be only you and your spouse who’ll be living in the home at current, doesn’t mean it would continue to remain that way even in future. You might have kids or may be your parents might want to move in with you. Regardless of the practical possibilities that could happen you need to make sure that you think far ahead. If you build your home considering only current circumstances it is going to end up becoming a hassle and additional cost in future. So be wise about your plans!

Make use of your surroundings

Once you have purchased a land to build your home, to make the most of your investment you need to make the most out of what you got. In simple terms what this means is that if your land surrounds a natural landscape setting with an amazing view, take use of it. Incorporating the details in and around your surroundings is certainly one of the best ways to make the most out of everything. So for an example if you are building a house in the woods, you might want to consider adding a woody touch to your home or you could even add in large glass windows or glass walls that overlook the scenery.

Focus on light

Ventilation and lighting are two of the most important aspects when it comes to designing a home. Making sure that enough natural light flows in to a space and that the need for artificial light is minimal is the best way to control unwanted electricity costs as well. So be smart about designing placements of windows and doors around your home, in the right way.
Consider the above tips and design your home to be as good as your dream one!

22nd of February

Tricks to always keep your house in order

If you are in the work sector, you know the routine of life and how it is impossible to get work done in your house. Even, if you make it a point to clean your house regularly on weekends, by the time next weekend comes, you are trying to understand how this big of mess was created in your house. It is probably because you do not divide you work and do a little whenever you have time. You do not need time management, you just need to prioritize and get your work done. Therefore, here are few tips to help you keep your house clean and organized, and you wouldn’t have to spend your weekends on house duty.

Avoid the haunted house illusion

When people talk about house keeping the house clean, it is important to make sure the exterior of the house is also clean. It is easier to clean the roof and gutters when it is sunny rather than when it is raining. Therefore, you should allocate one weekend every two months to clean your house roof and the gutter. But, it is important to remember that that it depends on the collection of debris in your roof. It is when water is collected and the paths are blocked, it starts to damage the wall.
Apart from this, do not allow your grass to grow more than 3.5 inches because they will tend to look unkempt and gives a bad look. If you do not have time for doing the mowing on your own, then you can hire professionals like Jim’s Mowing to help you with your problem.

Have a daily routine

In the morning, as soon as you wake up make sure to make your bed and wipe your bedside table. You can also make sure to fold your clothes and arrange your closet. After you take your bath, make sure to hang your towel in your towel stand and put the clothes in your laundry basket. After shower make sure to spray cleaners in your shower. After breakfast, empty the dishwater and start your coffee and start making your breakfast. You should load your dishes in the washer in the morning. If there is a spill anywhere or marks due to placing cups without cup holders or coaster, make sure to clean it right away. In the night follow the same routine and start all the machines like put your laundry and start the machine. If you have the habit of watching night time television, then during commercials clean and dust the furniture.
You can easily keep your house clean if you maintain a routine and follow it. It is not necessary that you follow all the above mentioned tips everyday but it would be easier. You should learn to prioritize and work as required and make sure to not over work yourself. At times, it is also to cut yourself from slack but don’t slack off.

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