28th of November

Choosing door handles – where to begin?

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Easily forgotten, yet-oh-so important, choosing door handles is an important task that shouldn’t be neglected in your renovation planning. Don’t know where to start? Not to worry, we’ve written a guide for you to ease you through the process.

Perhaps one of the most important and functional areas of hardware in your house, door handles should be chosen with care. We’ll make it easy for you and list the most important things you need to consider:

The style

Just as you would any other design task in your home, ask yourself what kind of style you want your door handles to be. Subtle, yet necessary, door handles have the ability to impact any space. Consider the kind of room the door opens up to. It’s also important to consider the running theme you would like to install in the house, if any. Do you want sleek and understated? Or bold and attention grabbing? Figure out a style first, and then make your decisions from there. Also, remember to do your research! There’s so many options out there.


If you’re looking to choose front and back door handle options, obviously security is paramount here. You can’t look much further than a mortice lock. Integrated with a dead-bolt, a mortice lock will offer greater security than that of a tubular lock. Most burglaries occur when an intruder attempts to weaken the front or back lock by force, something that is very hard to achieve with a mortice lock.

Go electronic

With an abundance of technological safety measures around these days, you also have the option to go for keyless locks. The latest technologies will offer fingerprint entry, facial recognition systems, card access and digital codes.

Types of door handles you need

Different doors and cabinets will generally require different door handles. Dummy handles are usually required for cabinets or doors that you open and shut, but don’t usually need a lock for. Passage handles are typically used for hallway and closet doors, where again, locking isn’t usually necessary. Keyed entry usually requires unlocking on entry or exit.

Knobs or levers 

Decide what style of door handle you’d like to feature in your home. Lever handles are typically easy to grip, and will give a clean and modern look. Door knobs are more traditional, and will provide a more classic look. There a pros and cons for choosing either knobs or levers. Best think about the overall style of your home, and functionality of both.


Choose a finish

Choosing the right door handle finish is really important. To ensure a cohesive, thought out look, it’s best to have a common theme in your house. Although your door handles don’t have to match, they should all work together.



It’s important to account for installation in your budget. Are the options you want DIY and easily installable, or will you have to employ a trade to do it for you? Many options from Renovator Store are DIY and come with complete manuals and visual guides for you to install yourself.

Now you know all about choosing door handles, so browse our range of door hardware here!

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