25th of February

Common Problems of Old Houses and How to Fix Them

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People buy old houses for different reasons. First it is way cheaper than brand new structures, second is that most old properties have bigger lot areas and third is that most old houses are more appealing than the latest models maybe because of its rich history. But of course aside from its advantages, old houses also come with a number of downsides.

So in this article we have prepared a list of the most common problems and how to Learn more about how to fix them .

Plumbing issues

As the house ages then its also normal for it to have plumbing problems due to over usage or poor maintenance. So before deciding to but the property check out if there are any underlying issues such as poor drainage, water output from the faucet, does the pipes have leaks or cracks at all? You have to think about the possible problems that you might encounter before deciding to purchase the property. Because plumbing repairs can cause you a lot of money than what you normally expect.

Weak structure

If an old house has not undergone proper maintenance then there is a big possibility the the structure or foundation may weaken overtime. In reality, houses with poor foundation poses as a safety hazard because it can be at risk of collapsing in the event of a strong earthquake or hurricanes. You should learn more about the real condition of the property and assess on how much you will actually be spending just on repairs and renovations alone. If you think that it is not worth the investment then put a halt on the deal and try looking for other properties.

Electric wiring

Old and exposed electrical wiring can cause accidents and fires. Most homeowners fail to pay attention to this particular problem because most of the wires are hidden beneath the walls or ceilings. One of the main case of exposed wires are rodents so if there are rats around the property then you need to probably have the wiring’s checked by a professional electrician. Aside from that old electrical systems usually has lower voltage capacity because people used a lot less electricity 20-30 years ago as compared to present time.

However if you have set your sights into acquiring an old property as your soon to be home it is better to also set or manage your expectations to avoid disappointments in the future. You also would need to spend more money for repairs and major renovations which is quite acceptable at this point in time.

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