24th of February

Common refrigerator repair problems

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You wake up one morning and head downstairs to make yourself a cup of coffee with some cream. You make your coffee and head to the refrigerator to grab the cream. The refrigerator is not working and then turns out that the cream has gone bad because the refrigerator does not work.

Refrigerator is one of the critical appliances in the house and if we narrow it down, in the kitchen. Whenever your refrigerator does not work, there are a lot of problems for the food. This means that the food that you consumed and eaten half way through will definitely will go definitely go into the trash and you will need to purchase more food once you get the refrigerator has been fixed.

There are a few common problems, which each household will come across and these can be solved by Stuartek. However, if you want to give it a try, just read through:

  • The temperature – If you feel like that the temperature of the refrigerator is not cold enough this means that the defrost thermostat should be replaced immediately because the contacts might be frosted over. You need to fist unplug the fridge and then try and clean the condenser coils with a vacuum or brush. If this does not work you can always call the expert.
  • The icemaker is not working – There is a motor module for the icemaker, which will need replacement. Another aspect that might be causing this problem might be the water inlet valve being clogged. You will need to also check if there are any tears on the valve too. Make sure you turn off the water supply for the valve before inspecting it. Another thing that you can look at is to see if there is any dirt on the filter or screen. What many people do not know is that heat is actually used to make ice cubes. If you do not know your filter from your valve, then you better call an expert.
  • Refrigerator is dead – This could be caused by the electronic control board being damaged where the open circuits might need to be replaced.
  • Refrigerator is making weird noises – Well, this means that you need to replace the electronic control board again.
  • NO water and ice being dispensed – The first question that must be asked is “Are the filters being changed regularly?” Well if not, here is what has gone wrong. All the dirt and contaminants that get collected in the water filter get stuck there. Thus, the filter needs to be cleaned or replaced often. The latest refrigerators actually have a sensor that informs you when the sensor should be changed.

There you have it, the common problems of refrigerators!

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