16th of February

Design Features of Modern-Contemporary Homes

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Modern homes are significantly different in design due to the use of geometrical shapes, sharp edges, clean lines and curves, bold colors etc. Modern homes primarily focus on function, where people would like to cut down on unnecessary features and stick to the basic amenities of a house, yet presenting it in an attractive manner. Here are some very distinguishing features you will notice in modern homes.

  1. Oversized windows

Modern architecture loves glass. You will undoubtedly notice the floor to ceiling glass windows and sliding doors that allow plenty of sunlight to come in, making use of natural daylight. It also creates an illusion of larger space in a room. These type of homes are great if your home is located with a great view. However, the sun rays can get too bright at times, and also you will to protect your privacy while at home. As a solution, use marchants blinds. These blinds come in various patterns, colors and designs that will blend right in to your unique interior.

  • Minimalism

These homes are purely build on function and hence they add only the necessities into the home design. Unnecessary decorative trims and moldings are avoided, so that the focus can be on clean lines and sharp edges. Interior décor too goes with this idea, reducing furniture and accessories as much as possible, leaving only the necessary items. This will avoid clutter and congestion inside the house, leaving free space to walk around. When more floor space is visible, it also gives and illusion of bigger space, as opposed to looking cramped up when the room is filled with furniture. ‘Less is more’ is what modern architects are going for.

  • Open floor plan

In most modern homes, walls are at a minimum. The living room, kitchen and dining area are turned into one big room where one standing in the middle of the living room can catch a glimpse of the dining area, kitchen and garden too. This increases the involvements of the people in the house. For example, imagine a party where the ladies hang around the kitchen and the men in the living room watching the game. In open floor homes, they all will be in one big space so that all can be involved in all activities.

  • Unconventional roofs

The usual triangular roofs are no longer the norm. Modern architects go for different shapes of roofs, they include different levels of roofing, include high ceilings etc. to add some texture into the architecture.

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