14th of January

Everything a Good Building Inspection Report Should Be

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Buying property entails a whole lot, so preparing as much as possible is wise to say the least. If you are buying your first property ever, then you should be even more vigilant as you get used to the market. Aside from negotiating prices, looking for real estate agents and studying the real estate market however, there are additional things you need to pay attention to, like arranging for building inspections. Of course there is no shortage in agents that offer these services, but the point is to hire those who are good at it. Generally, building inspections are followed by extensive reporting, present in a report, and then analyzed with the client. Here are a few things it should contain.

In Line With Local Requirements

A building inspection report should have everything listed out based according to local specifications and regulations. Different countries and cities have varying building requirements laid out, so it is not a one-size-fits-all approach. A reliable agent that offers building inspection services will know this, and ensure all data and information is laid out accordingly. They will also be present at the onset, to assess the building according to these regulations, so they can advise you as necessary.

Tailored Format

Not all buildings are the same, which means that not all property reports are the same. For example, dilapidation reports in adelaide could differ to those in other parts of Australia.Just like that, certain buildings require certain formats. Some require extensive detail, others not so much. Your inspection agent should be able to present you with the proper format without a problem. They should also be able to advise those new to it accordingly. This will help you, the customer, make more efficient and effective decisions.


Whilst a building inspection report is not an exhaustive means of obtaining underlying problems with a building, it certainly needs to be accurate in whatever it reports. So things like fire hazards and other safety concerns should be clearly listed out, with reasons and possible solutions. It must not exclude anything, including details of why a certain area was not inspected if that is the case. Additionally, they must also state a request for further examination, so a professional in a specific area can attend to it, say an engineer, for instance.


Your inspector needs to work closely with you no doubt, but if they are incompetent at what they do, then chances are, your life is going to become much harder. Which nobody wants. The whole reason you are hiring them is to ensure the process is done as smoothly as possible. Though it helps to educate yourself about what sort of report you can expect so you are better informed when dealing with them, they should be able to guide the client first. They should break down the process, what the report will entail, and any services for additional fees if at all. That way, you can request for other reports as well, provided of course that they undertake them.

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