12th of March

Expand your house for increasing demand for space

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It is not a surprise to see that you need more and more space in your house. It could be your family is expanding or you are startingnew activities such as drawing or kids asking for play rooms. Expanding a house is not an inventive action that was found recently in the construction business. However, there are newer methods found to do it in a cost-effective way rather than spending a lot of money on it.

Building up

Rather than building horizontally covering more area on the ground, it is space-effective as well as cost-effective in the long run to build vertically. Increasing the single story area of your house will mean you are covering any open ground which could be used as a lawn, garden or parking area. There are several storied parking in commercial businesses but that is not a feasible step for live-in houses. Hence if you spend a bit more for construction initially to build an upper floor or adding more to the already built second story, it will pay out later. It will add more square foot to the house if you want to sell it or rent it. In the case of you selling the house to move away or buy a new one, more area in square feet will rationalize a higher price.

Kitchen refinishing

A kitchen is important than you think. Some may consider the kitchen as the least significant of a house, however, in my view it is the most important. Most of the time we come home after working or school, tired and ready for dinner or supper. There is no time to “lay the table” on a weekday when the mother is also after work, quite fed up after a hectic work day. Most families tend to eat in the kitchen itself, on the kitchen table. Unless you have a dining area right next to the kitchen, it will pay to improve that area when you are rooting for home extensions.  If the space within the pantry or if it is a kitchenette you have, replacing old gadgets or refinishing the pantry cupboards isn’t going to help a lot.

Floor renovation

Another matter you might have to consider is refinishing the floor. Floor material should match the different rooms. Kitchen cannot have a slippery material for the floor and the living room can have somewhat shiny tiles. But if your living room design is to have carpeting, then an expensive floor finishing might be a waste. Outside the house, porches and corridors must also have rougher floors. If you have pets in the house, be careful how the renovations are going to affect them as well. Don’t forget to install a cat door in your kitchen.

A bigger house is not always better. Weigh the pros and cons carefully before you make a decision to go ahead with a renovation project.

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