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How to Find out if Your Home was Ever Used as a Meth Lab

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When you move into a new home, you may expect some mould or minor damage to the walls left by former owners. But most new homeowners do not expect their new abodes to be former meth labs. It may seem farfetched, but meth cooking is not limited to sleazy neighbourhoods or caravan parks. Even a two-story family home in a “nice” neighbourhood could have once been used as a meth lab. You may wonder why this should be a big issue.

The police may not come after you for what the former owners did. But, you should worry about the health repercussions of living in a building where people once cooked methamphetamine. The drug can actually penetrate the walls, especially drywall, and remain inside houses for years. The toxins of the drug cooking process would be slowly released, possibly poisoning you and your family members. Children, particularly the toddlers, are at high risk of meth residue poisoning. It’s not enough to clean the surface of the home to get rid of meth residue. You need to call a meth cleaning company for a complete decontamination process in every nook and corner of the home.

Before you do that, you need to find out whether your house was ever used as a meth lab. You should, first of all, inquire from the person who sold you the property. A more reliable way is to call local law enforcement and ask whether the address came up in any drug busts. Once you do that, you should also look for the following telltale signs:

Lab Equipment Strewn About

If you come across various lab equipment like Bunsen burners and chemical containers left by former owners, it’s possible that drugs were made in your home. Watch out for debris that you think could come from a lab. A syringe here or there may only indicate drug users, not drug makers. But if you find other stuff that you usually find in a chemistry lab, then you should assume the worst and take steps to safeguard your property.

Visible Stains

Thoroughly look around the home for visible chemical stains that cannot be easily explained. Home do acquire some staining over the years, such as by paint, food or mould. But if you see chemical stains or stains you cannot explain, it could be from a meth lab.

Strong Odours Coming from Drains

If you smell strong, chemical odours coming from kitchen or bathroom sinks, the problem may not be a blockage. It’s possible that what you are smelling is washed down chemicals. You need to be cautious of odours that are particularly strong and strange. If you do notice something, don’t try cleaning the plumbing system yourself. Call a plumber or professional decontamination agents and explain the situation. The pros will do tests to make sure what you smelled is actually meth.

Meth contamination is a very serious issue that you shouldn’t take lightly. Therefore, watch out for the above signs and take the necessary steps to protect your family from health risks.

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