25th of February

Four parts of you house that should be deep-cleaned this spring

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Spring is the perfect time of the year to undertake the highly important and much needed project of cleaning your household, and by household we mean everything! Not just the kitchen counter top, the frequently used furniture items and the front porch floor that are kept clean all year long, but everything! Certain sections of your household can go unnoticed all year, mostly because you don’t use them too often. However, if left unattended for too long, first and grime can get accumulated in these places and become permanent damage that is very difficult to get rid of. In this article, we will look into a few such parts of the homestead that you should focus your cleaning efforts on this spring.


Surely you must dust off the window surfaces with a brush or a cloth once every two weeks or so all through the year, and that’s great. However, the glass panes kg these structures, which play a huge role in improving your property’s curb appeal and filtering natural light into the interior must be cleansed on both sides with a proper glass cleaning liquid and a sponge on a gloomy day. Why gloomy? Because this way it gets easier for you to see those tiny slots on the glass surfaces, while the solution will remain without drying up until you’re done with job.


These materials line a considerable aware footage of a home, and most areas are exposed to a relatively high level of foot traffic throughout the year and must ideally be cleansed once every 4 months or so to them looking great. However, those low traffic areas that can easily go unnoticed do not really require any constant attention. Contract a cheap steam cleaner Dandenongservice provider to come and give those parts of your carpet some thorough cleaning at least once a year, to get it in shape to survive the coming 365 days.

The dishwasher

Thisis an appliance that is used almost every day and deserves a proper cleansing to scrub off all those stains and chunks of age-old food and filth that gets accumulated inside the machine. You can start by removing all the surface level foul matter with a brush and then working your way to the more permanent stains with a specialized cleansing liquid.

The closet

Reorganizing the closet is the pinnacle of spring cleaning! While there won’t be a whole lot of dust or dirt inside the closet, it can certainly get really messy after a whole year of usage and you must use this spring opportunity to go through all of its contents and get rid of all the stuff that you don’t really need. Throw away the things that are not good for anything any more and donate any usable clothes to someone in need to gain more than just a net closet from the effort.

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