16th of November

Give Your Most Boring Space a Makeover

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Most homes do not focus on the looks of a storage room. Where you park your car and keep your unwanted things is usually not really impressive in most homes. But this does not have to be. Making use of this large space can be beneficial for any family. Whether you live alone or live with a large family, you are bound to have this part of your home filled with old things that you do not use, kids’ bikes that they pull out during the summer, your husband’s mechanical kits and your old handy crafts stash. All this can be just lying around waiting for a day to dawn on them to be used. If they were kept in better conditions and in a much more organized way you will find that you can actually enjoy your large storage space. Here are some tips on what you can do to make it interesting.

Fix the Main Parts

If you have an old creaky door, replace it or look to garage door repairs Seaford to help you out. This way you can get a nice functioning one instead. This is very important as you do not want to find moving in and out of this unit of your home become a task or even a chore. You and all the members of your family should be able to move in and out without any issues. So having a well-functioning entry way system is key.

Fix Paint and Add Storage

If the pain is old and mouldy then getting a new pain job will freshen up and brighten up the place. Make it a fun choice of colours. It does not have to be boring. Sectioning different walls for different storage would be a good idea. You can even colour coordinate so that your kids can have one section to store their bikes, toys and other items. Your husband can have his car and the many tools he possibly hardly uses stored in the right manner in one section and you can have a section to keep your random things. If you have pets, you might also want to keep a section to store their random items. Adding practical and spacious storage is important. You do not want to again pile things around.

Make It Easy To Access and Put Back

Making wall storage where you can hand things on the wall including the bikes is a great idea. This will open up your space well and make you feel like you have a fancy spot. Not only will the kids love to want to keep things neat, it will actually make it easier for everyone to find their things in a rush.

If you have a large space more than you need, you can even section portions of it off to create a mud room if necessary. This way you can keep the side from wet boots and other random stuff away from the rest of the space. Be creative, get ideas from professionals and make it useful.

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