20th of August

How can I redecorate My Bedroom?

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Everyone should treat their bedroom like the most important thing in their lives as it is absolutely essential for their wellbeing. This is where you recuperate, energizing yourself for the day ahead- without this, you’ll not be able to strive for your goals. Therefore, you must invest in your bedroom, making sure it’s as good as it can possibly get. So, if you’re wondering how you can achieve this, don’t fear. All you have to do is read ahead as we’ll be covering everything you must do.

Add More Plants

Numerous studies have shown that the addition of plants in a living space can help reduce stress. Many who have them in their bedrooms would agree to this statement, telling you to do the same as well. Of course, you can’t just add any plant as not all types would be fit enough to survive the indoors. This is why you should do your research, looking at which ones are the best suited to keep inside of your bedroom. Some recommendations would be succulents, orchids, and Aloe Vera plants.

Do You have an Aesthetic Preference?

Having a bedroom with plain, white walls are not only boring but can reduce your creativity as you’re constantly exposed to a monotonous environment. Ensure that you paint the walls a color that is bold, sticking to a palette that translates to the rest of the room.

You could pick a cool-toned look for your room, coating the walls a deep navy blue, keeping your furniture a mixture of light blue and white, and your bed a cool grey.

Make sure that your light fixtures also translate the look you have created inside of the room. This is an important step that many choose to ignore, which is a shame. If you change the fixtures accordingly, you’ll tie it all up. A suggestion would be pendant lights as they match with any theme you could go for. So, look for a glass pendant light store near you. 

How do You Sleep?

The mattress you sleep on is very important as if it is not doing its job, you wouldn’t be able to properly sleep, and you’ll also end up with uncomfortable bruises on your body. No one wants to wake up with a sore neck, back and five hours of sleep, so remember to constantly upgrade your mattress, ditching the one you’re currently using whenever it loses its firmness.

Of course, your mattress also adds to the aesthetic appeal of your room. So, get one that is large and bouncy as it would create the illusion of luxurious living. Additionally, you need to upgrade your bed-sheet and pillowcases according to the aesthetic appeal your room is going for. For example, if you want to create a space that is full of warm tones, you must make sure that your linen is not blue.

With the above in consideration, your bedroom would soon be transformed into a haven fit for a king. So, what do you think? Will you be implementing these much needed changes?

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