17th of November

A List of Thing You Must Have For Your New Kitchen

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If you are moving into a new house or redoing your kitchen, it is important that you are aware of the items that you will need to start fresh in a new kitchen. Don’t wait until you start using the kitchen to figure out what’s missing. Get a shopping list sorted and get equipped so that you can enjoy the time spent in your new kitchen cooking your favourite dishes.

Einkaufslisten sind für alle von Vorteil und nicht nur für Diejenigen, die sich nicht mehr alles gut merken können. Jeder kennt es wahrscheinlich - man geht einkaufen und weiß, das darf man unbedingt

Food Storage Devices/Containers

This is a basic requirement for every kitchen. Since you have the luxury of rethinking your kitchen strategies, be smart about what you choose for storing food. Think broadly and choose ways that would serve multiple purposes. For instance don’t just think about how to store carrots. Think of all your fruits and veggies as one category to take care of and purchase produce bags that will be sufficient for at least a few months. It’s best to go for a reusable product to minimize how much you buy.

Garbage Containers and Waste Disposal Strategies

You don’t want your trash piling up in a sink or on the ground of the kitchen. Make sure you have a strategy to segregate your waste effectively and efficiently. Having three bins for organic waste, plastic and paper would be the best way to go. If you have a little extra space just outside your kitchen, you can even put the organic waste to a compost bin and directly use in your home garden.

Basic Utensils and China

Knives, forks, spoons…and the list goes on. Jot down all the utensils that you will be using on a regular basis and exactly how much of each that you’ll need.  It isn’t a good idea to go to the store and then think about how many spoons you’ll require!

If you plan on entertaining guests at some point, you should also get the utensils and china appropriate for that purpose. Buying all these items in bulk will also be more cost effective for you.

Scales, Measuring Devices

If you are someone who follows a recipe every time you cook, scaling equipment are a must have. Depending on your requirements, buy the measuring cups, spoons and scales. When buying your scale, make sure to invest on one that is durable and easy to clean.

Cleaning Products

Another set of essentials that are easily forgotten is cleaning products. Don’t wait for a big mess to happen in your kitchen to realize that you don’t have the required cleaning products. Get the cleaning liquids, mops and wipes that you need and keep them in a place that is easily reachable and memorable. Don’t lock them away in a cupboard and then forget that they exist – this happens more often than we think.

Buying things for a new kitchen can be a fun task if you know what you are doing. Make a list, go to the right places and buy the right brands. Don’t compromise on quality, but also be mindful of how much you spend!

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