6th of November

How to Make Sure That Your Kid’s Room Is Safe

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Your kid’s bedroom is the most important place to them in your entire house. It is where they will study, have fun, fall asleep and have friends over as well. As a parent, while you ensure that the room looks neat and tidy always, you also have to keep an eye out for the safety component to make sure that nothing is there that could potentially harm them. You do not exactly need to childproof the room if the kids are about six years of age or older but it does not hurt to take some safety precautions just in case. Here are some great and easy ways in which you can try to make your kid’s room safer for them.

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Watch Out For Those Sharp Edges

Most of the furniture that we get in stores today tend to be stylish and trendy. They also have a lot of sharp edges and corners that could accidentally scratch or wound your little one as they run around and play in the room. A bean bag for children however has none of that and is just soft and bouncy and completely safe for use. In the same spirit, look for furnishings that have less of sharp edges and more of rounded out corners so that even if your child does knock on them accidentally, it will not cause them harm.

The Doors and Windows Matter Too

It is important that the doors and windows in your child’s room are functioning right. Make sure that a door stopper is in place to avoid the wind shutting the door unexpectedly and you kid getting their fingers or toes caught in it. For windows, make sure that there are locks from which you can secure them well and also opt for the casement window type that will open outward on hinges rather than the single or double hung windows that are either slid up or down. The reason for this is that in hung windows, the chances of the sliding part falling on your child while they peek out is higher. It will also be a great idea to take your kids through how these doors and windows must be operated and what they must not do so that they too can try to avoid accidents.

The Storage Boxes

If you have any storage boxes in your kid’s room make sure that they are closer to the ground level as opposed to being kept high on top of the closet or a cupboard. The reason for this is that your daughter or son might accidentally knock on it while playing around or might even try to get the boxes down to look for an item and have it topple on to them instead. Keeping the storage boxes clearly labelled in an easy to understand manner and closer to ground level will minimize the accidents that can happen in the room.

The Flooring

The flooring will no doubt be like the rest of your house. What you can do though to prevent slipping accidents is to use anti-slip mats here and there in the room. Something with a good grip will work really well. Rugs are a bad choice because you will have to clean them daily and eventually just discard them altogether.

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