6th of November

Mistakes To Not Make When Building a Jungle Gym

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Building a jungle gym is no easy task. It takes up a lot of thought and energy. Some of the decisions that you will have to make, especially if this is for business purposes will intimidate you or confuse you which is why there is a  rather wide margin of error involved. Here are some of the most often seen mistakes that people do when building or designing jungle gyms and why you should avoid them.

Not Being Open Minded about Kid’s Capabilities

If you are to take into consideration and think about the kids in the community where you are building the jungle gym, you will see that there are kids of different levels of capabilities. Some of them might even be differently abled children. Some of them might excel at climbing while others are terrified of it. This is why it is important to conduct a bit of a survey and study the crowd that will be visiting your jungle gym regularly so that you can ensure it is open and comfortable enough for everybody. Do your research and find Brisbane playground equipment that is inclusive and progressive. Expecting all kids to love swimming, climbing, swinging and running is being narrow-minded. Have something ready for everybody who comes in to have fun.

Not Wanting To Hire Outside Help

Kid are always a handful and while their parents will always be around to look after them. It is generally a wise idea to hire some qualified outside help that will help make things go around a little smoother. Perhaps somebody who will look after the safety and security of the kids in the jungle gym. There could also be somebody to help kids and parents out if they have any issues or need something or may be even in the case of a fall or slip. No matter what you try to say after something negative has happened, the parents will hold your business responsible for the safety of their child. You cannot afford to take any risks where little kids are concerned.

Not Making Parents Feel Welcome

Parents will always be an inevitable part of your jungle gym. They will bring their kids and they will spend time with them in the jungle gym helping them get up on the slides and swings and keeping an eye out for them in general. Most of the time they will be completely engrossed with their kids and will have their hands full but installing some kind of facility to help make them feel welcome as well, will go a long way. For example, a coffee machine or shop, a small hot dog cart, some benches to sit on and maybe a shaded area where they can relax and quickly take a break will always be those additional things that will earn you those much needed brownie points. If the parents feel that they are welcome and that you encourage them to come with their little ones they will enjoy coming with them and that is always good news for you.

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