25th of February

Four parts of you house that should be deep-cleaned this spring

Spring is the perfect time of the year to undertake the highly important and much needed project of cleaning your household, and by household we mean everything! Not just the kitchen counter top, the frequently used furniture items and the front porch floor that are kept clean all year long, but everything! Certain sections of your household can go unnoticed all year, mostly because you don’t use them too often. However, if left unattended for too long, first and grime can get accumulated in these places and become permanent damage that is very difficult to get rid of. In this article, we will look into a few such parts of the homestead that you should focus your cleaning efforts on this spring.


Surely you must dust off the window surfaces with a brush or a cloth once every two weeks or so all through the year, and that’s great. However, the glass panes kg these structures, which play a huge role in improving your property’s curb appeal and filtering natural light into the interior must be cleansed on both sides with a proper glass cleaning liquid and a sponge on a gloomy day. Why gloomy? Because this way it gets easier for you to see those tiny slots on the glass surfaces, while the solution will remain without drying up until you’re done with job.


These materials line a considerable aware footage of a home, and most areas are exposed to a relatively high level of foot traffic throughout the year and must ideally be cleansed once every 4 months or so to them looking great. However, those low traffic areas that can easily go unnoticed do not really require any constant attention. Contract a cheap steam cleaner Dandenongservice provider to come and give those parts of your carpet some thorough cleaning at least once a year, to get it in shape to survive the coming 365 days.

The dishwasher

Thisis an appliance that is used almost every day and deserves a proper cleansing to scrub off all those stains and chunks of age-old food and filth that gets accumulated inside the machine. You can start by removing all the surface level foul matter with a brush and then working your way to the more permanent stains with a specialized cleansing liquid.

The closet

Reorganizing the closet is the pinnacle of spring cleaning! While there won’t be a whole lot of dust or dirt inside the closet, it can certainly get really messy after a whole year of usage and you must use this spring opportunity to go through all of its contents and get rid of all the stuff that you don’t really need. Throw away the things that are not good for anything any more and donate any usable clothes to someone in need to gain more than just a net closet from the effort.

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24th of February

Common refrigerator repair problems

You wake up one morning and head downstairs to make yourself a cup of coffee with some cream. You make your coffee and head to the refrigerator to grab the cream. The refrigerator is not working and then turns out that the cream has gone bad because the refrigerator does not work.

Refrigerator is one of the critical appliances in the house and if we narrow it down, in the kitchen. Whenever your refrigerator does not work, there are a lot of problems for the food. This means that the food that you consumed and eaten half way through will definitely will go definitely go into the trash and you will need to purchase more food once you get the refrigerator has been fixed.

There are a few common problems, which each household will come across and these can be solved by Stuartek. However, if you want to give it a try, just read through:

  • The temperature – If you feel like that the temperature of the refrigerator is not cold enough this means that the defrost thermostat should be replaced immediately because the contacts might be frosted over. You need to fist unplug the fridge and then try and clean the condenser coils with a vacuum or brush. If this does not work you can always call the expert.
  • The icemaker is not working – There is a motor module for the icemaker, which will need replacement. Another aspect that might be causing this problem might be the water inlet valve being clogged. You will need to also check if there are any tears on the valve too. Make sure you turn off the water supply for the valve before inspecting it. Another thing that you can look at is to see if there is any dirt on the filter or screen. What many people do not know is that heat is actually used to make ice cubes. If you do not know your filter from your valve, then you better call an expert.
  • Refrigerator is dead – This could be caused by the electronic control board being damaged where the open circuits might need to be replaced.
  • Refrigerator is making weird noises – Well, this means that you need to replace the electronic control board again.
  • NO water and ice being dispensed – The first question that must be asked is “Are the filters being changed regularly?” Well if not, here is what has gone wrong. All the dirt and contaminants that get collected in the water filter get stuck there. Thus, the filter needs to be cleaned or replaced often. The latest refrigerators actually have a sensor that informs you when the sensor should be changed.

There you have it, the common problems of refrigerators!

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23rd of February

The ultimate guide to moving out

Have you just moved into a new house all by yourself or are planning to move out and have no idea how to handle all the work load? Are you already tired of adulting? Then keep reading because this article is just for people like you.

Hire an expert

If you are moving to your own apartment where you will be living alone then you might need to take on a lot of things and you won’t be able to move all of them by yourself. So it is advisable to hire movers, there are lots of companies in the market choose the one which best suits your budget. If you want to decrease your workload then go for the full package which is slightly expensive but movers will not only help you move out but also help you to unpack your things to the new house. Don’t try to cut your cost by doing it all by yourself, you will only strain yourself by over working.

Get your own stuff

Living all by yourself is a sort of independence and in order to fully cherish this you will need to buy your own things. It is very important to have mandatory things such as bed, bed side table and dressing room. Also do checkout solid wood table Singapore for a good coffee table. They have got some pretty beautiful designs that too at an affordable price which is a steal. Also invest on adequate kitchen equipment because this will make it much easier to cook. You cannot live on restaurant food every day so make sure you set up your kitchen right after you are done with your bedroom.

Be a little more responsible, one doesn’t realize how tough it is to become an adult unless they start living in their own house. You cannot carelessly walk in late at night leaving the main door open or keep the dirty dishes on the sink expecting it to wash by itself. All this sounds like a lot of work but in fact doesn’t require much of your time unless you procrastinate. So instead of leaving your morning coffee mug on your bedside table wash it right away so you will have on less thing to do after a tiring day at work. Also make your bed as soon as you wake up and this will make your room look instantly tidier. Lastly, dirty clothes don’t get clean all by themselves so do your laundry every two to three days so you wouldn’t have to struggle on the weekends.

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23rd of February

Tips For Finding Motivation To Workout

For some of us, fitness and health means a lot and for some others, those words do not really hold much value but regardless of the type of person you are, you should never forget about the fact that working out and staying physically fit and active can be very crucial and important for you and your overall health.

Finding motivation to workout can be a difficult task sometimes but the truth is, there are ways in which you can amplify your workouts and also make things more interesting and less boring for you. Everyone always assumes that working out is just bound to the gym but working out and getting your dose of physical activity can happen anywhere, any place in the world.

For those of you who struggle with finding motivation, the tips given below will definitely make a big difference so we recommend the information given below as it will definitely help you find more motivation to work out and stay fit.

Try Alternative Exercises

There are so many people who are under the impression that working out is all about hitting the gym and doing your daily schedule without missing once and staying strict with your workout schedule and even though, this is true to some extent, it isn’t the full truth and practicing alternative exercises can definitely make a big difference in your enthusiasm for working out.

The next step is to find some activity that you like and it could be anything from a sport to something as simple as skipping rope so switching things up every once in a while can completely change the game.

Buy Clothing Items

We all want to look nice and presentable at the gym even if we are a sweaty mess and we usually train very hard at the gym but the truth is, buying athleisure wear and sportswear can definitely help motivate to get your workout in.

Anything from a custom drawstring bag that you can use to the gym to crop tops and high waisted leggings can definitely change the game for you.

Track Your Progress

There is truly no point to going to the gym or working out if you are not going to track your results and your progress over the years and months as tracking the progress can definitely make you work harder and this can serve as your motivation.

Tracking the progress can make such a big change in your workout life and it can also help you identify what you’re doing wrong and what you need to improve on.

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