23rd of January

Tips for Planning a Small Business Event

Planning a business event can be a stressful task. But planning a small event for business purposes is easy right? Well, it depends. Small business events encompass everything from office birthday parties to meeting up with potential business partners. Therefore, even small business events have to be well planned in advance. Here are several useful tips for doing so:

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Start with a Budget in Mind

Don’t start planning your business event, no matter how small, without a budget limit in mind. Your boss will definitely not like it if you overspend on a small event. It’s easy to start spending freely on things like food and decorations. Therefore, set a reasonable budget at first. You may have to decide certain things before you set a budget limit. For example, the budget will have to be considerably larger if you plan on hosting the event elsewhere away from the office.

Decide Where to Host the Event

Not all business offices are suited for hosting events. Therefore, you might want to consider a location for the small business event. For example, if it’s a dinner, you may be able to book a dining hall at a restaurant. If it’s a small party, you can choose a lovely waterfront location the attendees will surely love. In any case, choose a venue located in a commercial area that the guests can easily travel to on a weekday. Don’t pick locations away from main roads that might be hard for the attendees to find.

Choose a Venue with Catering

Are you planning to bring food separately or would you prefer to have catering provided? It’s certainly very convenient to choose a functions Geelong venue that already offers catering, such as a room inside a restaurant. It’s also more cost-effective to pick a location with catering available. You can choose a venue without catering, but make sure that’s really what the event requires. If you do so, don’t forget to make the catering plans early as well.

Prepare the Guest List without Delay

Start preparing the guest list early enough. For most business events, this is an easy step. However, do take input from the boss, managers, or other higher-ups, if needed, regarding who should attend. Have a rough number of attendees in mind to choose a venue with enough capacity. Also, everyone on the guest list will need early invitations. Keep in mind that people will have to make room in their busy, workweek schedules to attend.

Make a Schedule for the Event

If there are events planned, do make a schedule for the event. Even if it’s just dinner served, make sure there’s a plan detailing time for beverages, appetizers, meals,and drinks. A schedule will make sure that things go smoothly for everyone at the event.

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Don’t be Too Formal

It’s the small business event, so there may not be any need to be very formal. If only a dozen or so people are attending, it’s best to provide an intimate atmosphere for the event.

Think seriously about the above when planning a small event for your business. Set a budget and then follow through with your plans for the best results.

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14th of January

Everything a Good Building Inspection Report Should Be

Buying property entails a whole lot, so preparing as much as possible is wise to say the least. If you are buying your first property ever, then you should be even more vigilant as you get used to the market. Aside from negotiating prices, looking for real estate agents and studying the real estate market however, there are additional things you need to pay attention to, like arranging for building inspections. Of course there is no shortage in agents that offer these services, but the point is to hire those who are good at it. Generally, building inspections are followed by extensive reporting, present in a report, and then analyzed with the client. Here are a few things it should contain.

In Line With Local Requirements

A building inspection report should have everything listed out based according to local specifications and regulations. Different countries and cities have varying building requirements laid out, so it is not a one-size-fits-all approach. A reliable agent that offers building inspection services will know this, and ensure all data and information is laid out accordingly. They will also be present at the onset, to assess the building according to these regulations, so they can advise you as necessary.

Tailored Format

Not all buildings are the same, which means that not all property reports are the same. For example, dilapidation reports in adelaide could differ to those in other parts of Australia.Just like that, certain buildings require certain formats. Some require extensive detail, others not so much. Your inspection agent should be able to present you with the proper format without a problem. They should also be able to advise those new to it accordingly. This will help you, the customer, make more efficient and effective decisions.


Whilst a building inspection report is not an exhaustive means of obtaining underlying problems with a building, it certainly needs to be accurate in whatever it reports. So things like fire hazards and other safety concerns should be clearly listed out, with reasons and possible solutions. It must not exclude anything, including details of why a certain area was not inspected if that is the case. Additionally, they must also state a request for further examination, so a professional in a specific area can attend to it, say an engineer, for instance.


Your inspector needs to work closely with you no doubt, but if they are incompetent at what they do, then chances are, your life is going to become much harder. Which nobody wants. The whole reason you are hiring them is to ensure the process is done as smoothly as possible. Though it helps to educate yourself about what sort of report you can expect so you are better informed when dealing with them, they should be able to guide the client first. They should break down the process, what the report will entail, and any services for additional fees if at all. That way, you can request for other reports as well, provided of course that they undertake them.

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23rd of December

Five Living Room Design Tips for your Next Upgrade

Deciding what goes where or what colour goes with your furniture can be one of the hardest things you have to go through when upgrading your living room. And if you do not have a clear cut idea about what you want in your living room, the end result might be disastrous and costly too! Check out these tips to sidestep these mishaps.

Use Colour to Set the Mood

The colours you choose for your living room will definitely have a significant effect on how the guests feel in the living space. The right shades of colour do not only energize the interiors but they can also add that relaxing factor everyone craves for in a living room. A range of serene hues or soft blues or celadon mixed with white can make the living room feel calm and cool. Let your creative ideas flow. And once you have narrowed down the colours, do not forget to do a colour test on the walls to see if you have made the right decision!

Go With Stylish and Comfortable Flooring

Choose flooring in keeping with the main purpose of the living area as a public space. Go with a floor that provides comfort to your feet and agrees with the interior design at the same time. If you desire a less vibrant flooring that directs attention to the furniture or wall art, choose one of the most popular choices in contemporary architecture; hardwood floors. Once you have decided what you are going with make sure to choose the ideal, durable building products that fit right into your budget.

Account for the Walls and Ceilings

According to popular belief, living room walls deserve more elaborate treatment than any other rooms since it is a public space. Therefore, you need to make it welcoming to the guests all the while displaying your personality and taste in interior designing. You can either pick up a paintbrush or go ahead with great wallpaper that brings out the colours in the rest of the room.

Add Trim Work for a Great Finish

You can complete the look with architectural trim work. Trim work is supposed to cover the seams where floors meet the walls and the ceiling meets the walls. This trick can be used to serve an aesthetic purpose and support structure around openings. Whatever the style of trim work you choose to go ahead with remember that it will define your home with a distinctive look; be it classical, old-world, regional or even contemporary.

Give Your Living Room a Focal Point

A focal point will give your living room an organized outlook and a sense of completeness. Naturally, most of us tend to choose the fireplace or the television as the focal point of the living room toward which you can even point all your furniture. If you cannot decide which one you prefer the most, you can pair them up. Set up the television above the fireplace. If you prefer not to let the television interfere with good old family time, you can replace it with a great piece of art for simple and chic look.

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22nd of December

Your Guide to Quality Shade Sails

Shade sails have been an incredibly popular feature in both residential and commercial properties as of late, and more and more people have been looking into adopting the same. However, shade sails are only useful and long-lasting if you know a bit about them, which is why you should probably read through this before you do anything else. Even if they may be the best quality shade sails in the country, if you do not bother taking care of them the way they should be, they will deteriorate. So here is a comprehensive look at what it means to install shade sails, and what you can do to ensure you capitalise on them.

Shade Sail Design Ideas


The first step to ensuring any shade sail is effective is their installation. Of course some are quite small, and frankly merely reading through the manual that accompanies them is enough even for you to erect one yourself. Bigger projects on the other hand, call for the assistance of shade sail professionals, and with good reason too. Not only should the shade sails be set up correctly, their supporting structures should also be sturdy. Otherwise, you will be risking the safety of everyone involved.

Fit To Your Needs

Different people have different requirements, so shade sail companies will first ask to assess your space. This is an important first step, as it allows you to tailor the shade sails accordingly. What works for someone else may not necessarily work for you. Fitting shade sails that are too large or too small not only damages them due to improper placement, but will also not serve a purpose. So if you live in Perth for instance, you could look up custom shade sails Perth, to help you find the right option. You can definitely get better use out of them this way.

Regular Cleaning

Shade sails are subject to all sorts of external factors, including weather conditions and bird droppings. Dry leaves can also fall onto them, so if you leave these to collect and stagnate for long periods of time, this will definitely ruin their quality. If you add rain into the mixture, you have a bigger problem on your hands, as you then have to deal with stains seeping through, which can be unsightly, not to mention difficult to remove. Be careful not to be too rough when cleaning though, and make sure to use a soft brush.

Quality of Material

No matter who you are buying the shade sails from, always thoroughly assess the quality of all materials used. Just as much as the fabric should be permeable and durable, the structure used to support the shade sails should also be strong. The supplier should be able to offer you in-depth information into both, walking you through their options and explaining which would work for you. Of course the better the quality, the higher the price, so see what fits your budget best so you can make an informed decision.

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