1st of November

How to Find out if Your Home was Ever Used as a Meth Lab

When you move into a new home, you may expect some mould or minor damage to the walls left by former owners. But most new homeowners do not expect their new abodes to be former meth labs. It may seem farfetched, but meth cooking is not limited to sleazy neighbourhoods or caravan parks. Even a two-story family home in a “nice” neighbourhood could have once been used as a meth lab. You may wonder why this should be a big issue.

The police may not come after you for what the former owners did. But, you should worry about the health repercussions of living in a building where people once cooked methamphetamine. The drug can actually penetrate the walls, especially drywall, and remain inside houses for years. The toxins of the drug cooking process would be slowly released, possibly poisoning you and your family members. Children, particularly the toddlers, are at high risk of meth residue poisoning. It’s not enough to clean the surface of the home to get rid of meth residue. You need to call a meth cleaning company for a complete decontamination process in every nook and corner of the home.

Before you do that, you need to find out whether your house was ever used as a meth lab. You should, first of all, inquire from the person who sold you the property. A more reliable way is to call local law enforcement and ask whether the address came up in any drug busts. Once you do that, you should also look for the following telltale signs:

Lab Equipment Strewn About

If you come across various lab equipment like Bunsen burners and chemical containers left by former owners, it’s possible that drugs were made in your home. Watch out for debris that you think could come from a lab. A syringe here or there may only indicate drug users, not drug makers. But if you find other stuff that you usually find in a chemistry lab, then you should assume the worst and take steps to safeguard your property.

Visible Stains

Thoroughly look around the home for visible chemical stains that cannot be easily explained. Home do acquire some staining over the years, such as by paint, food or mould. But if you see chemical stains or stains you cannot explain, it could be from a meth lab.

Strong Odours Coming from Drains

If you smell strong, chemical odours coming from kitchen or bathroom sinks, the problem may not be a blockage. It’s possible that what you are smelling is washed down chemicals. You need to be cautious of odours that are particularly strong and strange. If you do notice something, don’t try cleaning the plumbing system yourself. Call a plumber or professional decontamination agents and explain the situation. The pros will do tests to make sure what you smelled is actually meth.

Meth contamination is a very serious issue that you shouldn’t take lightly. Therefore, watch out for the above signs and take the necessary steps to protect your family from health risks.

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25th of October

The Importance of Visualizations in Architecture

While it is no secret that the visualization is quite important when it comes to communicating between the client and the designer, there are a lot of factors that come into play when designing an architectural design. It is nothing like designing an industrial product or similar. The main factor here is that a house is a living space.

In the world of architecture, rendering machines and their qualities have become extremely important. Nevertheless, many people still view it as a double-edged sword. Rendering is used in two main situations. One is when you are presenting a visual image during the designing process and the other is when you will create an image for the purpose of marketing. In both the scenarios, the client and the purpose will decide what kind of render made would be made use of.

The biggest use for rendering in this sector is its ease as a tool for communication. The truth is that most clients and people out of the industry rarely understand all the complex drawing about the architecture. During the designing stage, a render is a great way of showing the client what you intend to do. Another little spoken of the advantage of following this method is that it reveals details or ideas that you might have previously missed. It is also known help brainstorm and find out new ideas. During the beginning stages of designing a render can be used to sell a vision of what you want to see. This is quite true in situations where the designer is looking to get a commission out of the client or in architecture competitions. Another example of their use is in second-hand scenarios. This is where the client needs one or many 3D renders so the client can use it when trying to sell the property to tenants and other types of buyers. 3D visualization is a booming business now and it’s not hard to find a 3d architectural visualisation in Perth or other cities.

Renders take into account how the material looks and the precise movement of light. This helps deliver a design that is extremely precise. This can as I mentioned above, be a double edged sword. Different people have different opinions on it. Some will see a design that has not been completely resolved but the kill is praised for being important and functional in the industry and field. The downside of this is that it can be very easy to lose sight of the important factor. You tend to be so focused on the tiny details that you could forgo the concept you and the client had in mind. One way the problem is tackles is that the images are post-processed with very powerful photo editing software. The aim of doing this is to get a picture that looks more impressionistic rather than extra realistic. This will free your hands to focus on developing your designs. On the other hand, you can also use it to direct your audience’s attention towards the concept you have envisioned. Showing your vision to people will also give you much-needed criticism or ideas on how to make it better.

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8th of October

Features of a Great Arched Garden Feature

There are a number of different outdoor spaces we can add to any house or any kind of building depending on the kind of space available in that ground. From among these many outdoor spaces the arched garden feature which can appear as an open space or kind of a hut in the garden or attached to the house, is one very popular kind.

These arched garden features or pergolas Melbourne can be built by contacting someone who knows about their construction. However, before you hand out that project to someone or some professional service you have to make sure their work is going to come with the features of a great arched garden feature.

Made to Last

This is something which is going to be created as an outdoor space. This space usually does not contain any walls. This means it is going to be fully open to the weather outside. If it is not built properly, since it is made of timber, it can fail to last for a long time. To make sure it is built to last you have to check whether these professionals are going to use strong timber which is high in quality and not some timber which has been rotting away in a corner for a long time.

No Safety Threat

People create these outdoor spaces to add beauty to their surroundings. However, if that outdoor space is not properly built like deckings Melbourne it can become a safety threat to whoever is using it at the time. To not be a safety threat it should be made using all of the high quality materials even including the nails used for the project. Also, the people who build it should have all the right training and knowledge about such work to make it a safe outdoor space.

Creative Design

Anyone can build a hut outside. However, not everyone can build an outdoor space such as an arched garden feature without proper creativity. Though the shapes used in the construction can be mostly rectangles only the best can make such an outdoor space to have the beauty and attractiveness it needs to have.

Space to Run Vines If There Is the Need

Some of the people who get such outdoor spaces build want to run vines along the posts and over the roof to make the space more beautiful and close to the nature. Only a perfectly built structure can be used in that manner.

Always get the best professionals to build such an arched garden feature.



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28th of September

Types of Healthy Plants You Can Grow

Everyone has a hobby. Some of us might be engaged in things that makes us happy and not consider it a hobby. However, any activity that you engage yourself in during your free time can be considered as a hobby. There are many activities that fall into the category of hobbies. One common activity that is followed by many people regardless of age or gender is gardening. There are many people who absolutely love gardening and find pleasure in it. They enjoy seeing flowers bloom and plants grow. There are many types of plants that you can grow in your garden. One essential type that you can invest your time on is growing plants which produce healthy fruits. Following are some such plants that you can sow and reap fruits, vegetables, leaves, roots and many more that are healthy for you.


There are many types of food which we categorize as super foods. One such super food is un-doubtfully fruits. There are many vitamins included in fruits which are healthy for our bodies. Avocadoes are one such famous fruit item that we find. It is rich in many vitamins and also has the ability to fight against cancer and heart diseases. You can purchase a dwarf avocado plant from a Landscaping company Melbourne or your local seed and plant store. Some of these plants can be even grown indoors but make sure that you get all the necessary advice when you are growing a plant indoors. An avocado plant can grow about ten feet high and make sure you have the space to grow a plant as such.


From the time we were little babies, we were fed and then asked to eat enough vegetables. That is mainly because of the many types of vitamins that are included in these vegetables. Carrots are known to be one type of vegetable that is rich in many minerals such as potassium and magnesium and also a variety of vitamins. Consuming carrots will improve eye sight. Growing carrots is not a very tedious task.  If you hire a Melbourne landscaping company, you can request them to arrange a separate area to grow your vegetables. Carrots could even be grown on containers but you need to make sure that the containers are deep. In order to grow carrots, you need to make sure that you have good soil as well. If you do not know how to grow carrots, it is important that you speak to an expert and get an idea.

Therefore, the above are some of the very common types of plants that you can grow and reap healthy harvest.

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