13th of November

Why You Should Re-Think Your Office Space

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The fact that a majority of us are overworking ourselves is not exactly a secret anymore. 8 hours in the office has stretched to ten and twelve, perhaps in some cases even more. Needless to say, we are spending a lot of our lives immersed in our work. Which is all the more reason for us to encourage pleasant working environments all around. Not just with office culture, but also with the actual surroundings mind.

Drab, dull corporate offices are not stimulating, and whilst creative industries typically have more varied spaces, others too should look at doing the same. When done within the scope of their relevant industry, it can make a difference. Here are a few benefits of improving a corporate office space in general.

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It is easy to get sucked into a vortex of doom and gloom at work. It happens to the best of us. Whilst we cannot really get our ‘Pollyanna’ on realistically, we can do little things to help change this. Would it not feel nice to walk into an office that feels welcoming and uplifting at the same time? Unless of course you just hate what you do, in which case you need to look for another job not think this will somehow magically change your situation. That said, it is about creating positivity, even if it is something as simple as using different paint colours.


Probably after revenue and profits, the next most widely used term in the corporate dictionary is productivity. In fact, it is integral to both revenue and profits, as well as costs. Low productivity, higher costs, and lower revenue. High productivity, the exact opposite. For employees to be productive, however, the first point should be in place. Motivation and productivity are directly linked to each other, and so should be tackled together. For example, if your office in Queensland could do with a facelift, then look at Brisbane painting options to see who can give you what you are looking for. Something as seemingly insignificant as revamping your office’s appearance can be motivating.

Lower Turnover

Again, very simple. If an employee feels like they are going to death row every morning, then they are not likely to stick around. And if the office, in general, is a less than inviting place to be in, the chances of people being there are less likely. High turnover can be quite costly for companies, particularly small-scale ones. They cannot afford to keep hiring and training people. Hence, it is worthwhile making the investment in cheering up your office space, so employees feel happy to be there.

Better Relationships

The strength of a company is with its employees, and where there is discord, there is a failure. Departments need to function as teams, and teams depend on individuals. Each person is integral to the functioning of any company, and if any are more than disgruntled, it poses a problem in the chain. The weak link if you will. A warmer office space would help foster stronger relationships, not only among employees but also with clients.

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