20th of April

Important Steps Before Selling a House

Prior to listing a residential property for sale on the market, attention is required to be provided on the homes presentation as per experts within the real estate business. Agents involved in the selling process are able to provide adequate information and insight into improvement areas that would ensure the best pricing options are received to at the time sale.

Various aspects extracted and detailed below are focused on the avenues to ensure the highest pricing obtainable for residences planned to be listed for the purpose of selling in the future.

  • Exterior – Defects on the exterior tend to create a poor initial impression on buyers prior to inspecting the interior. Attending to visible aspects  such as the front door, broken screens, poorly maintained garden, external lighting features are initial basic detail require immediate attention. Installing colourful perennials in attracting attention from the outside with the doormat replaced and doorbell and shingles fixed create a welcoming feeling in attracting potential buyers. The backyard often missed out during the initial cleanup session requires be inspecting and cleaning up. All items that are unsightly require be disposing or storing in a garage unit or storage locker.
  • Interior – A cleanup process is recommended with walls and floors especially within bathroom and kitchen areas where scrutiny is considered high. Painting walls and fixing floor tiles is required to create a fresh and clean appearance of the home prior to inviting potential buyers. Fresh coats of paint with white or beige colours applied properly or choices of neutral colours as taupe or subtle grey are considered the best options to use during the timeline.

Ensuring rugs and carpets are cleaned thoroughly in eliminating odour through assistance of professional cleaning services are advised in creating a sparkling look. Usage of home renovations expertise in completing a thorough end to end process is recommended if personal attention to detail is stressful. Clutter within houses listed for sale creates limited space for exploration and tend to make spaces look smaller. Storing and moving items such as furniture, personal effects and items enable the process of clearing in preparation for inspection and rectification.

While the process of repairs, painting a moving is being completed, some furniture and personal effects are required to be left within to showcase a neat and homely picture to potential buyers. Having fresh flowers in a vase during the buyer inspection sessions within kitchen or dining room is considered a neat look.

With a complete overhaul on the space or partial being completed focused on the key aspect of attracting buyers, costs incurred to change the look of the house is guaranteed to be earned back with completion of the sale as the number of interested parties are bound to exceed expectations.

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