30th of January

Tips To Keep In Mind When Planning To Build a Pool

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Here are some tips to consider when you are putting in a pool for the first time.

Consider the Pool Basics

There are a few things you have to consider when you are planning to add a pool into your backyard. Before you go ahead with the decision, make sure you know how big you want it and if you can afford to have in your backyard. Go outside with a roll of tape or a can of spray and draw the size of the pool you can afford to have in your backyard.

While you are at it, see if your backyard is suitable for your new pool. Also think about what you are giving up. If you have a large amount of space, you can go ahead with the pool installation. If however you do not have that much of space, you can try and think twice about adding a pool into your backyard and making a commitment. Also, if you have a young family or if you are thinking of extending the family, or are planning to mark the pool away from the rest of the house, you can try out modern options like frameless glass fencing.

Are You Trying To Get A Above Ground Pool?

These above ground pools are installed instead of built. They are much more economical and easy to maintain rather than in ground pools that can be purchased. The most simple and the most basic pools that are above ground do not need any equipment to filtrate and they are also called splashier pools. These can however be a bit expensive.

What About In Ground Pools?

Due to the design and the construction expenses, an in ground pool will be a lot more expensive. When you are considering in ground pools, make sure your account for landscaping, lighting, basic materials, extra add-ons, patio materials. You can even try out spas as well as fountains.

Adding Chemicals

In order to maintain the proper chemical balance in the water of the pool you’ll have to add chemicals.The cost for the chemicals that you have to use can come to a large sum on a monthly basis. However, the frequency of adding chemicals into the pool will depend on the climate in your area, the size of the pool and the nature of the pool. However, the cost for the chemicals for the in ground pool will be just as costly as what’s used in the above ground pool.

Open and Close the Pool on Time

Although it might sound quite basic, your pool will need to be closed on time and you will have to open the pool on time in order to protect it from the extreme climates and development of fungi in the pool.

Take Care of the Maintenance

The biggest and the most strenuous maintenance when it comes to cleaning pools is the cleansing of the interiors of the pool. If you have vinyl liners on the inside of the pool, they will last around 6 to 7 years. If you have a concrete finish, it needs to be re-applied once in every five years.

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