23rd of January

Tips for Planning a Small Business Event

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Planning a business event can be a stressful task. But planning a small event for business purposes is easy right? Well, it depends. Small business events encompass everything from office birthday parties to meeting up with potential business partners. Therefore, even small business events have to be well planned in advance. Here are several useful tips for doing so:

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Start with a Budget in Mind

Don’t start planning your business event, no matter how small, without a budget limit in mind. Your boss will definitely not like it if you overspend on a small event. It’s easy to start spending freely on things like food and decorations. Therefore, set a reasonable budget at first. You may have to decide certain things before you set a budget limit. For example, the budget will have to be considerably larger if you plan on hosting the event elsewhere away from the office.

Decide Where to Host the Event

Not all business offices are suited for hosting events. Therefore, you might want to consider a location for the small business event. For example, if it’s a dinner, you may be able to book a dining hall at a restaurant. If it’s a small party, you can choose a lovely waterfront location the attendees will surely love. In any case, choose a venue located in a commercial area that the guests can easily travel to on a weekday. Don’t pick locations away from main roads that might be hard for the attendees to find.

Choose a Venue with Catering

Are you planning to bring food separately or would you prefer to have catering provided? It’s certainly very convenient to choose a functions Geelong venue that already offers catering, such as a room inside a restaurant. It’s also more cost-effective to pick a location with catering available. You can choose a venue without catering, but make sure that’s really what the event requires. If you do so, don’t forget to make the catering plans early as well.

Prepare the Guest List without Delay

Start preparing the guest list early enough. For most business events, this is an easy step. However, do take input from the boss, managers, or other higher-ups, if needed, regarding who should attend. Have a rough number of attendees in mind to choose a venue with enough capacity. Also, everyone on the guest list will need early invitations. Keep in mind that people will have to make room in their busy, workweek schedules to attend.

Make a Schedule for the Event

If there are events planned, do make a schedule for the event. Even if it’s just dinner served, make sure there’s a plan detailing time for beverages, appetizers, meals,and drinks. A schedule will make sure that things go smoothly for everyone at the event.

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Don’t be Too Formal

It’s the small business event, so there may not be any need to be very formal. If only a dozen or so people are attending, it’s best to provide an intimate atmosphere for the event.

Think seriously about the above when planning a small event for your business. Set a budget and then follow through with your plans for the best results.

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